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Professionals for laptop repair at Full Computer Solutions (0722966305) in Nairobi Kenya, let their clients relax while they get the work done.

Laptop repair services shop is well-equipped to provide all the above-mentioned services to their clients. While laptop users have easy-to-use troubleshooting tools these days but for serious malfunctions like hardware failure or accidental water or impact damage, it is best to consult a professional well-versed in laptop repair and services in Nairobi at Full Computer Solutions. Even if the laptop is beyond the initial warranty or coverage period, calling up a technician for laptop servicing is a smart decision as they are qualified in this particular area.

But before handing over the laptop to the laptop repair service shop, users should consider taking a few precautions for the safety and security of the data stored in the system. So before the technician comes to pick the device from you, the following things should be done for safety reasons.

• Removal of sensitive information.

It is recommended to remove all sensitive data from the laptop before sending it for repair. People should pay attention to deleting folders or files containing crucial pieces of information that can be hacked or conveniently accessed. People should also consider deleting personal photos or videos to avoid any chances of misuse.

Making the laptop accessible.

The technician who comes for laptop servicing work will ask for the password if there is a need to boot the laptop. It is suggested to disable the option of windows login password. The professional for laptop repair and services can test the system by booting it till the windows login screen appears.

• Backup.

Customers are also recommended to take a backup of data and files on an external drive. They can either backup the files manually or use free backup software. However, someone who does not want to remove sensitive files can lock and protect the data folders with a password. Also, the privacy and junk cleaner should be used to delete the windows OS history completely.

Top skills that experts for laptop repair and services have;

Professionals for laptop repair and services at Full Computer Solutions possess important skills which make them the best source for any kind of laptop related problems. Here is a list of the most important skills they have which make them a specialist in this field.

1. Laptop technicians can easily identify and resolve equipment malfunctions. They work with manufacturers and field representatives from whom they procure replacement parts. They can safely disassemble and reassemble components and replace the defective parts.

2. They have complete knowledge of troubleshooting. They are fully trained to troubleshoot and handle hardware issues. They can execute troubleshoot procedures on any laptop. They can easily identify a chip-level fault.

3. Professionals for laptop repair and services have the right kind of qualification to analyse and diagnose different laptop issues. They perform various tasks like repair, maintenance, installation, etc. in all types of laptops.

4. Laptop repair service shop have trained professionals to test and repair hard drives, laptop peripherals, optical drive, etc. They can diagnose and upgrade OS and also load OS in different programs as per the customer’s requirements.

Computer Repair and Maintenance in Nairobi Kenya.

Does your IT service company make you wait for days for computer repair?
Does the computer repair technician ALWAYS come without the part to fix the problem?
Do you worry about hard drive failure?

At Full Computer Solutions we offer you a different experience!

With 20+ years of experience, we know how to treat our customers’ right! We guarantee that we’ll respond to your IT service call for a laptop or desktop repair within the hour! Full Computer Solutions provides laptop and desktop repair and maintenance IT support for ALL major brands of PCs, laptop computers, data storage equipment, servers, computer printers and plotters. We repair PC and server brands such as IBM, HP/Compaq, Dell, Lexmark, Xerox and others. Full Computer Solutions offers a wide variety of plans and IT service options custom tailored to your needs


We repair all brands of laptops, Macbook and Computers in Nairobi Kenya.

We have been specializing in laptop parts and laptop repair services for more than 15 years.

We stock all parts needed  to repair your laptop.

We offer a free diagnostics on any problem related to your laptop.

There is also a 25% discount offer on all repair price.

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